Digitized Currencies

The ONLY Compliant and Regulated digitized Canadian Dollar on the market.
Backed by 1:1 canadian currency reserves.


Digitized Canadian Currency
Virtual currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are very unstable because of the exchange rate with fiat currencies like, the dollar. Virtual currencies provide several advantages: 1) Easily transferrable without any intermediaries; 2) Transaction transparency; 3) Immutability.
By creating the ONLY Regulated and Compliant Digitized Canadian dollar, we provide to the dollar the very same advantages as virtual currencies.

Why use Digitized Canadian Dollars

Easy Purchase and Redemption

Purchase using FIAT or cryptocurrency. Exchange or Trade d-CAD easily. Pay your suppliers. Transact Peer to Peer on our exchange. Transfer d-CAD anywhere in seconds.

Fully Collateralized
and guaranteed

Guaranteed value through 1:1 ratio pegged to Canadian dollars. Guaranteed fiat reserves. Funds held through Canadian reserve accounts. No volatility.

Compliance with

Licensed through e-money institution registration in Canada. Fintrac registered. KYC-AML compliant. Canadian authority license no. 904353

FAQ section

Answers to frequenly asked questions.
why did Transledger create the d-CAD?
The canadian dollar is one of the top 10 currencies traded around the world. The d-CAD is a stable digital dollar since it is backed by real canadian currency 1:1. It is a trusted currency that can be easily traded against the USD for instance. It can be traded and moved instantaneously. Transledger holds a Canadian Authority Money Exchange license(no.904353)

What can the d-CAD be used for?
The D-Cad can be transferred instantaneously anywhere in the world. It can be used to buy cryptocurrencies. It can be used with digital currency pairs to set your own foreign exchange rate on a Peer to Peer basis. It can be used to purchase goods and services. It can also be used to limit your exposure to crypto-asset volatility.
Where are customers' funds kept?
Transledger holds a Money Transmitter license from the Canadian Financial regulator(License 904353). As such we are regulated in terms of holding reserve funds in segregated reserve accounts at Canadian major banks.
How do I add d-CAD to my wallet?
When you purchase D-Cad they will be automatically added to your Transledger account. D-Cad is an ERC-20 coin and can be transferred to your Ethereum-compatible wallet.