Cryptocurrency Payment Processing Solution

For e-commerce or ICOs

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Multi CryptoAsset, Multi Blockchain

The Interblockchain payment processing kit

The cryptocurrency payment processor can be used in different contexts like:

  • As a payment processor for ICOS
  • As a payment processor for e-commerce

Why using a multi blockchain

It is composed of 3 modules (click on the image below to know more).

  • A payment Processor
  • A key management system
  • An event monitor

The payment system can be used to pay in any of the supported single ledger blockchain networks:

  • The Bitcoin Network (5834 nodes
  • Bitcoin Cash Network (1234 nodes, Ref:
  • Bitcoin Gold Network (252 nodes, Ref:
  • Litecoin Network (1058 nodes, Ref:

Or can be used on any supported m,ultiple ledger blockchain networks:

  • The Ethereum Network ( 31974 nodes, Ref:
  • The Ethereum Classic Network (8 nodes, Ref:

The key manager is used in the context of non programmable blockchains Networks like, for instance Bitcoin. These type of blockchains provide less information than programmable ones. This is because the total amount of a transaction can originate from several adresses in the Bitcoin blockchain. Because of this, the origin is hard to decipher. This is why the destination account can, with a Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet convention, create a key specific to a particular transaction and, hence, facilitate the identification of a transaction. Finally, another important part of the trio is the event manager providing information about the different events occuring in the blockchain, more particularly the transaction confirmation events.

transaction workflow