W3C Web Payment Demo

No empty white paper, real code

Caution: This is a work in progress

We are in an intensive development and tests phase;
this application is subject to modifications

A simulated sunglasses' store interactive demo illustrates a concrete W3C web payment implementation. It gives access to new payments methods based on cryptocurrencies hosted in 6 different blockchain networks

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Stellar
  • Ripple

The web payment handler is automatically installed in your Chrome browser if it is not already installed.
The store simulation is about buying a pair of glasses through a conventional buying payment process. In the last stage of this process, when the Place Order button is clicked, the W3C web payment overlayed dialog window will appear at the top of the browser to be completed for address, shipping method, etc.
At first, in the web payment's dialog box, the pay button is inactive until each payment information, in the form, is filled. A Choose button indicates each section to be filled ; you can then fill with the necessary information but keep in mind that the information is not retained by the payment handler but instead is stored by the Web payment service included in the browser and may be used by the latter in the future. When all the required items are filled the pay button is now active