Peer to Peer Exchanges

Wallet to wallet trading

Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrencies Peer to Peer Exchange
A major innovation we brought to the world of crypto peer to peer exchanges is to give access to Cryptocurrencies representing 80% of the total market capitalization. And this is not derivatives pegged on the originals without any means to redeem them to the real ones, the crypocurrencies are all redeemable to their originals.
All trades occur on a KYC/AML FATF compliant platform.

Features and Benefits

Trade directly from your wallet

Safer trading. Avoid custodian risk. better manage your risks. You are in control of your own wallet security.

Decentralized. Control your assets.

Decentralized exchange offers control and freedom over your assets. Fast and secure. Funds cannot be frozen.

Trade high-value coins

Do what is not yet possible on other decentralized exchanges. Trade peer to peer Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, Stella, Ripple.

Peer to Peer Exchange

To trade you need to be registered.

FAQ section

An answer to frequenly asked questions.
How does Transledger DEX work?
Transledger DEX allows users to trade Peer to Peer from user wallets and combines the strenght of blockchain technology while maintaining the security standards on decentralized exchanges. Trades are completed between users using their individual wallets. Funds are never held by the exchange.
All trades occur on a KYC/AML FATF compliant platform.
How can I trade high value coins such as bitcoin, Litecoin or bitcoincash on a decentralized exchange?
Our MoveToken application allows users to bring coins from slow and costly networks such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum to faster networks such as Stellar or EOS. The MoveToken application is currently integrated into the Transledger User Dashboard. As an example, users seamlessly fund their account with Bitcoins and bring their bitcoin onto the EOS network to trade. Once the trade has been completed users can redeem their coins back to the Bitcoin network at their original value