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D-CAD and digitized currencies

Transfer digitized Canadian Dollars d-CAD anywhere in seconds.
Access Peer to Peer FOREX. Trade with cryptocurrencies pairs (D-CAD to D-USD). Buy goods and services.
Guaranteed reserve 1:1. Regulated through Money Transmitter License (permit no. 904352).

Peer to Peer Exchange and MoveTokens

Access the MoveTokens application and bring value from 1st generation blockchains to decentralized exchange. Move Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoincash to faster networks (Stellar,Ethereum,EOS). The only Foreign currency exchange between digitized currencies (CAD, USD, GBP, EURO).

Unified dashboard for all Services

Unique Membership system for community building and Onboarding with KYC/AML. Move high value tokens across 9 heterogeneous blockchains networks. Transfer funds between members using their email address. Crowdfund by issuing and managing token inventories.

Economical and fast

Reduce FOREX transaction costs through a real Peer to Peer FOREX where you set the rate NOT the banks. Transfer tokens to faster and cheaper networks to reduce volatility and risk.

Adaptable: Transfer - Trade - Transact

Transfer digital assets between nine networks seamlessly; moving $240B in c value. Move Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple, EOS,Worbli, Telos. Trade high-value Digital Assets on decentralized exchanges. Pay for good and service

Ease of use: single login and advanced account monitoring

Access multiple applications from a single dashboard. Moving digital assets between networks to Buying and selling digital assets and stablecoins with a single login. Monitor your transactions and account.

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